Texas Capitol Building

Being in Austin TX the architecture photography starts with the Texas state Capitol. Although this is the first time I am posting about Texas Capitol, it is certainly not going to be the last one.
Most of the State Capitol look alike but have some unique feature that represents the history and personality of the state.
Built in 1885, the building was inspired by the design of US Capitol but built using locally found red granite. The building is 303 feet tall making it sixth tallest State Capitol, taller than the US Capitol in Washington DC.

Nikon 7100, 24mm, ISO 100, f/16, 4 sec.

The picture above was taken during the dusk hours when the whole building was lit up and provides a spectacular view. The grounds are open to public till late night and you will find quite a few people roaming around there. The security is of course pretty high and makes you feel safe even during late hours.


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