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How to photograph Lunar Eclipse

We recently witnessed the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20th, 2019. I want to take you through the process of photographing the event. This brings up lots of fundamentals of photography and exposure triangle. The Moon despite the brightest object in the night sky becomes so dim that you cannot take its picture hand-held.

Let's go through the list of gear you need for capturing the event.

Camera: Any DSLR should be fine for this genre of photographyLens: I recommend using at least 300mm lens. If you have longer lens, you will get bigger picture of the moon. Also recommended is the lens-hood. Tripod: This is a must have gear for any kind of astro-photography. As the total phase approaches, the exposures become longer.Cable release: Any mechanism of remote shutter release will be helpful to avoid camera shake while pressing the shutter.There are some of the settings you need to make sure before you start shooting. The Moon is celestial object, effectively at an infinite distance. So s…

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